The Complex Problem of Physician Health Programs
LIVE EVENT: The Complex Problem of Physician Health Programs

Monday April 27th, 2024

Joseph Brigandi will host FRBHI Live - With Special Guests physicians, J. Wesley Boyd, MD, Professor of Medical Ethics and Psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine. Pamela Wible, MD, who runs the only physician suicide helpline in the country and Kernan Manion, MD, the founder and Director of The Center for Physician Rights. Make sure to attend on April 27th 2024, 10:00AM Pacific, 12:00PM Central, 1:00PM Eastern. Live Q&A on YouTube during the event.

Enroute Season 2 - Episode 3
Enroute Podcast Season 2 Episode 3

Saturday April 13th, 2024

Description coming soon!

From Darkness to Light
LIVE EVENT: From Darkness to Light

Monday April 8th, 2024

Joseph Brigandi will host FRBHI Live - With Special Guests Michael Sugrue & Mark Bouchard. Make sure to attend on April 8th 2024, 10:00AM Pacific, 12:00PM Central, 1:00PM Eastern. This event is occurring during the solar eclipse! Join us as we take the darkness into the light. Live Q&A on YouTube during the event.

Enroute Season 2 - Episode 2
Enroute Podcast Season 2 Episode 2

Saturday March 30th, 2024

Welcome to this episode of ENROUTE I’m Joseph Brigandi.

On this episode we interview the multitalented Dr. Olivia Johnson the founder of the Blue Wall Institute.

The Blue Wall Institute consults with first responder agencies on needs assessments for training and education programs as well as furthering research on first responder suicide.

She’s the mind behind the concept of The Fatal 10 which examines the most significant factors and perhaps the predictive factors of suicidality not only within the first responder community within every community and social group.

Her paradigm shifting research is essential in helping us change the ways we think about suicide more globally as a community and on a society level.

Her research cuts across the professional disciplines of public safety and is equally relevant in public and private corporations, and school systems.

If your organization has experienced violence or suicide or you are trying to be proactive and prevent these things from happening, you can benefit from the research and contribution to the body of knowledge Dr. Johnson and the Blue Wall Institute offers us.

In this episode she’s going to explain why she believes our current understanding of suicide is dead wrong and she going to challenge us to dig deeper for a better understanding of this terrible phenomenon.

Please join me in welcoming the dedicated, passionate, talented and controversial Dr. Olivia Johnson to this episode of ENROUTE.

Enroute Episode 4
Enroute Podcast Season 2 Episode 1

Saturday March 16th, 2024

Welcome to this episode of ENROUTE I’m Joseph Brigandi.

Today we have been given the opportunity to visit with one of the fire services many vocal advocates for change, better safety practices, and quality leadership programs.

He’s a consultant to many first responder agencies. He’s also a published author and a fire service instructor. He is dedicated to bringing successful transformational change to fire and EMS organizations.

He is a regular contributor to Fire Rescue One, EMS One and he has a lifetime of service as a firefighter paramedic who retired at the rank of battalion chief.

We discuss the evolution of Peer Support Teams, education and training programs and mental health advocacy within first responder organizations and retirement from the fire service.

Please Join me in welcoming the multitalented and extremely passionate Robert Avsec to this episode of ENROUTE.

Enroute Season 1 - Episode 9 - Marc Hill
Enroute Podcast Season 1 Episode 9

Saturday March 2nd, 2024

Mark Hill is a firefighter, paramedic, teacher, speaker and best-selling author of the book Two Dark Thirty, True stories to inspire teaching and learning in our local heroes and his companion workbook by the same name.

Two Dark Thirty gives us insights into training first responders and the importance of education and continuing education as we progress through our careers.

Marc will be speaking at the Louisiana Firefighters Conference and the Wisconsin Emergency Instructors Conference in February 2024. You can also catch him teaching his courses on our platform The First Responder Behavioral Health Institute.

Let’s welcome Mark Hill to ENROUTE!

Enroute Season 1 - Episode 8
Enroute Podcast Season 1 Episode 8

Saturday February 17th, 2024

Welcome to this episode of ENROUTE. I'm Joseph Brigandi

Today we have the special privilege of visiting with Dr. Umar Latif.

Umar Latif is a very special contributor in the space of behavioral health and first responders.

He's a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology with triple board certification in General Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry, and Addiction Medicine.

He was selected as a George W. Bush Institute Scholar in 2021 for his work Veteran improving healthcare outcomes for veterans.

Umar is the National Medical Director of Help for Heroes, which he cofounded. Its a multisite specialty program he helped design to meet the clinical needs of active-duty service members, veterans and first responders who are dealing with mental health and substance abuse issues.

He also works as the Medical Director of Carrollton Springs Hospital and has a private practice in North Texas.

He was recently featured in an article by the Texas Medical Association in which he tackles the difficult subject of Moral Injury in Physicians.

Please join me in welcoming: Dr. UMAR LATIF to ENROUTE.

Today we have Mark Bouchard visiting with us. Mark is a member of the RCMP The Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Enroute Season 1 - Episode 7
Enroute Podcast Season 1 Episode 7

Saturday February 3rd, 2024

Today we’re being given the opportunity to get inside the mind of a man who’s been inside many criminal minds.

He’s the chief hostage negotiator for the Lubbock Police Department. He’s the author of multiple books, including fight or flight … negotiating crisis on the front line

When every word counts … an insiders view of crisis negotiations

And he’s a co-author of Crisis Negotiations, managing critical incidents and hostage situation’s in law-enforcement and corrections, which is currently in its sixth edition

He has been providing crisis counseling for police departments for over 20 years. He was a Co Responder long before co responder programs had been invented.

He’s a pioneer in the area of integrated mental health services in public safety organizations

He’s a Mentor’s, a friend, and he has a great sense of humor.

Please join me and welcoming Dr. Andy Young to this episode of ENROUTE.

Enroute Episode 4
Enroute Podcast Season 1 Episode 6

Saturday January 13th, 2024

Today we have Mark Bouchard visiting with us. Mark is a member of the RCMP The Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

A member of their ERT Emergency Response Team which is the Canadian equivalent of a SWAT team. He also holds the special designation and achievement of MEDIC on the team. Mark completed a master’s degree in leadership from Royal Rhodes University.

He’s the author of Setting My Sights on Stigma – Thoughts from an Injured Mind.

A book which details his road to recovery and the many challenges he’s faced along the path towards recovery and achieving wellness after receiving a PTSD diagnosis in 2015.

He’s a peer support member and a Road to Mental Readiness Instructor for his agency.

Mark offers a two-part course titled POLICE CULTURE AND LETHAL FORCE DECISIONS on our platform The First Responder Behavioral Health Institute.

Enroute Episode 4
Enroute Podcast Season 1 Episode 5

Saturday January 6th, 2024

Dr. Roger Solomon is a psychologist and psychotherapist specializing in the areas of trauma and grief. He is on the Senior Faculty of the EMDR Institute and provides basic and advanced EMDR training internationally. He currently consults with the US Senate, NASA, and several law enforcement agencies.

Dr. Solomon has provided clinical services and training to the FBI, Secret Service, U.S. State Department, Diplomatic Security, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, U.S. Department of Justice (U.S. Attorneys), and numerous state and local law enforcement organizations.

Internationally, he consults with the Polizia di Stato in Italy. Moreover, Dr Solomon has planned critical incident programs, provided training for peer support teams and has provided direct services following such tragedies as:

Hurricane Katrina, September 11 terrorist attacks, the loss of the Shuttle Columbia,and the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Enroute Episode 4
Enroute Podcast Season 1 Episode 4

Saturday December 9th, 2023

Today we have the opportunity to visit with a very unique firefighter paramedic.

Over one million people would say he’s the funniest fire fighter on YouTube with the possible exception of fire fighter, Fenton, but most of you know him as the brilliant mind behind fire department Chronicles and the spokesperson for fire department coffee.

It's my extreme pleasure to welcome the comedic genius and the gentle soul that is Jason Patton to Enroute

Enroute Episode 3
Enroute Podcast Season 1 Episode 3

Saturday, November 4th, 2023

Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Daniel Sundahl, firefighter, paramedic, award winning artist and mental health advocate.

In the first responder world if you don’t know him by name you most certainly know him by his artwork and images.

Daniel talks with us about the therapeutic process, his journey towards post traumatic growth, art as a part of the healing process, and his annual peer recovery and resilience symposium in Canada.

Peer Recovery & Resiliency Symposium
Peer Recovery & Resiliency Symposium

October 22-23, 2023

Post-traumatic growth is more than recovery and resiliency; it's about reconfiguring yourself into something bigger and better than you were before. The last event in 2019 was sold out, and six of our peers from North America came and shared their experiences of recovery, resiliency and post-traumatic growth.

Visit for more details.

Enroute Episode 2
Enroute Podcast Season 1 Episode 2

Saturday, October 7th, 2023

Will be privileged to have a legend in the area of fire department leadership on the show with us, Frank Viscuso.

Frank has a long history of published works and public speaking engagements.

He’s a regular contributor to Fire Engineering Magazine.

Frank is a keynote speaker who is booked all over the country and internationally over 60 times a year.


Tuesday, September 26th at 9:00 AM PST

The mobile integration of healthcare is on the minds of all of California's Local Emergency Medical Services Authorities as each LEMSA searches for the best solution for each jurisdiction.

Collaborative efforts and coordinated interagency responses are the only viable solutions to navigating homelessness and coordinating crisis responses.

Enroute Episode 1
Enroute Podcast Season 1 Episode 1

Monday, September 4, 2023

We will have best-selling author Michael Sugrue the author of RELENTLESS COURAGE: Winning the Battle Against Frontline Trauma.

Michael is a medically retired police officer and an air force veteran who has served all over the world and returned home to serve his community as a police officer and detective. Suffering a critical incident on the job placed him in the unenviable position of seeking solutions to his trauma and ultimately documenting his road to recovery in his book RELENTLESS COURAGE.

Michael’s mission is to help first responders overcome traumatic related incidents and normalize mental health within the first responder community. One of the ways he does this is by public speaking, seminars, workshops and by serving in a peer support role with The West Coast Trauma Retreat and as an ambassador for the Save a Warrior Program.