Our partners are leaders in their fields, subject matter experts, innovators, thought leaders, authors, constructive disruptors, paradigm shifters and change agents. Whether you're an author, presenter, keynote speaker, educator, academic, researcher, facilitator, or affiliate, partnering with FRBHI will complement what you are trying to accomplish in the first responder community. Join a passionate community of like-minded others who share a common vision.


Authors, Educators and Thought Leaders

Authors, Educators and Thought Leaders

One of the ways FRBHI impacts the lives of first responders is through education and the way we do that is by working with subject matter experts who have a message and a passion we want to share with our students. We are constantly searching for authors, facilitators, instructors, and thought leaders who have a desire to help push the envelope and more the first responder community forward, people who question the status quo, we are seeking people who don’t ask why, we seek change agents who ask why not? We are looking for people with that special “magic” to them, people who can captivate and audience and deliver a high-quality educational experience. We seek people who we believe will enrich our content and the learning experiences of our students.

Affiliates and Influencers

Join us in spreading the word and sharing the mission of the FRBHI by promoting the latest FRBHI programs and course offerings to your audiences and earn commissions while doing it. Join us and help us change the face of first responder education. FRBHI partners with those who share our passion for helping first responders with life transforming educational opportunities that push the industry forward and challenge the status quo. Become an FRBHI partner and join our mission to transform education and training opportunities for first responder communities around the world. We are looking for three things from our affiliates, a well-established list of followers, a highly engaged audience and consistent traffic. Click on the button below to apply.

Would you like to be a guest on one of our upcoming podcasts?

We currently have three podcasts in production, and we are growing our offerings every day.

  • Enroute the podcast of the First Responder Behavioral Health Institute with Joseph Brigandi

If you would like to be considered as a potential guest on one of our podcasts, click on the button below to apply.

Media Partners

Media Partners

The First Responder Behavioral Health Institute is a content hub for first responders worldwide. We have access to some of the most inspiring change agents and thought leaders in the industry. Including our founder, Joseph Brigandi. If you are interested in having a member of our faculty present or consult with your organization, please click the button below to be connected with our public relations department.

Become a FRBHI Blog Contributor

Share your insights, knowledge, and wisdom with our growing audience of students and monthly readers dedicated to behavioral health and change within the first responder community. Let us help you grow your voice and expand your message to the world and let’s partner to deliver important messages our community and the world needs to hear.

For First Responder Agencies, School Systems, Hospitals, Corporations and Business

The goal of the First Responder Behavioral Health Institute is to make workplaces safer and healthier from a behavioral health, psychological, educational, and organizational development perspective. If you would like to bring FRBHI faculty and our learning platforms into your organization and improve the education and training of your individual contributors and organization, please click the button below and one of our representatives reach out and help you transform your team by assessing ways we can collaborate with your organization to provide a high-fidelity learning experience for your people.